Providing comprehensive online psychiatric care to residents of Washington


• Convenient  •  Private 

Therapy can be useful for improving coping skills in the short term, as well as exploring deeper sources of suffering. We work with clients who are seeking to examine their relationship patterns, or are experiencing anxiety, anger, or life changes.

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• Prescriptions sent straight to your pharmacy 

Medication works together with other means of recovery, such as therapy, meditation, or exercise.

If you have an existing therapist, we are happy to provide medication services alone.


Initial Appointment

$275, 60 minutes

• Detailed assessment of concerns
• Individualized treatment plan

Medication Management

$120, 30 minutes

• Discuss progress towards goals
• Target medication to your needs

Medication + Therapy

$180, 55 minutes

• Meet regularly to process issues and develop new ways of thinking

• See one provider for all your mental health concerns


Talking Twenties does not directly bill insurance.

Many clients get full or significant reimbursement from their health insurance using out-of-network benefits.

If you are interested in using out-of-network benefits, call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask them the following questions:
• “Do I have out-of-network benefits?”
• “What is my deductible?”
“How much will I be reimbursed for a telemedicine diagnostic evaluation, medication management and therapy?” Ask about codes 99204, 99214 and 90836.
• “Is there a limit to the number of visits I can have?”
• “Once I meet my deductible, what percentage of fees will be covered?”
• “How do I submit a claim for out-of-network reimbursement?”

Read more about things to consider before using insurance benefits.

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