Mental Health Services

Comprehensive online psychiatric care in Oregon & Washington


Medication works together with other means of recovery.

If you have an existing therapist, we are happy to provide medication services alone.


Together we can explore deeper sources of suffering and work towards balance.

Introspective clients look at stuck relationship and emotional patterns.

Looking for coaching instead? Find out more here.



Finding an accurate diagnosis can be difficult, work together to find appropriate treatment options to maximize wellness


Find ways to manage:
- panic attacks or constant worry
- repeated scary or unusual thoughts


In conjunction with a trauma therapist, we can work to find medications that help you manage distressing symptoms of trauma and anxiety

Food as Medicine

Look at how diet and gut health can affect mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, poor focus, and irritability


Introductory Appointment

$325, 60 minutes
Detailed assessment of concerns
Individualized treatment plan

Medication Management

$135-200, 25 minutes
Discuss progress towards goals
Target medication to your needs


$225, 55 minutes
Meet regularly to process and grow
See one provider for all your mental health concerns


In-network with Blue Cross, Premera, Regence, and Lifewise
Out of Network: Many clients are eligible for reimbursement from their health insurance using out-of-network benefits. Appointment fees are paid at the time of service and you may seek reimbursement through your insurance provider.
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