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Medication works together with other means of recovery, such as therapy, meditation, or exercise.

If you have an existing therapist, we are happy to provide medication services alone.

Marisa works with introspective clients hoping to examine relationship and emotional patterns.

Together you can explore deeper sources of suffering, roadblocks, and work towards balance.


• Commonly develops in young adulthood.
• Often misdiagnosed as the symptoms can be confusing. Appropriate diagnosis is vital to maintaining wellness.
• With appropriate treatment, people with bipolar disorder can lead full, joyful lives.
• Finding the right medication can take time. We’ll work closely with you to find the right fit.

• The effects of trauma can impact all areas of your life.
• Many medications can mask the symptoms of trauma or even make it worse in the long run. We’ll work together to find safe, effective treatment strategies.
• Therapy is integral to recovery. We’ll help you find the right therapist to do therapeutic work.

• Panic attacks and constant worry can limit your engagement with friends, school, or work.
• Many people experience scary or unusual thoughts that repeatedly pop into their head.
• Medication can help you mange these thoughts better, and even maximize what you’ve been working on in therapy.

• Diet and gut health play a direct role in the development or persistence of many mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and irritability.
• Many people develop an unhealthy relationship to food, viewing it as a punishment or reward.
What does treatment look like?
• Changing the way you think about food can help relieve constant worry and fighting with your diet. Treatment depends on your unique issues and we will develop a plan in your first session.

Not sure what's going on? Don't worry, we can help.


Initial Appointment

$275, 60 minutes

• Detailed assessment of concerns
• Individualized treatment plan

Medication Management

$120, 30 minutes

• Discuss progress towards goals
• Target medication to your needs


$180, 55 minutes

• Meet regularly to process issues and develop new ways of thinking
• See one provider for all your mental health concerns


Premera and Lifewise

Out of Network:
Many clients are eligible for reimbursement from their health insurance using out-of-network benefits. Appointment fees are paid at the time of service and you may seek reimbursement through your insurance provider.

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