We work with individuals navigating the complexities of conception, pregnancy, and birth.

Some common issues we can help address:

• Anxiety and distress from difficulty conceiving.

• Grief following miscarriage.

• New changes in mental health while pregnant.

• Maintaining good control of a chronic mental health issues while pregnant.

• Postpartum anxiety, depression, or processing birth trauma.

Reproductive Psychiatry

Specialized training in treating mental health concerns during pregnancy and postpartum

Clients often worry that the psychiatric medication they are taking will be bad for the baby. They often get information from medical providers, family members, or others that suggest stopping all medication during pregnancy.

We look at many variables during this important period, including the health of mom, baby, and family. We focus on current medical literature to support any prescribing or un-prescribing decisions. And most importantly, we work together to find a plan that works for you.

Treatment ideally happens in three stages, but we know life doesn’t always go according to plan. If you’re already pregnant or have given birth, we’re happy to help.


• Assessment of risk factors and personal mental health history.

• Achieve good control of active mental health concerns through therapy and/or medication.


• Continue effective forms of treatment.

• If treatment starts once already pregnant, triage medication decision-making to maximize mom’s mental wellness and minimize risks to baby.

• Make careful postpartum care plan.


• Make necessary adjustments to medication if breastfeeding.

• Monitor carefully for changes in mental health.

• Intervene quickly if new symptoms arise or change.

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