What is Telepsychiatry?

We know that speaking with a mental health professional over the internet can feel a little strange. And that’s totally okay! In this brief primer, we hope to shed some light on the world of telepsychiatry and help you feel more comfortable with this new and exciting technology.  In short, telepsychiatry, telehealth, and telemedicine all […]

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Should I Use My Insurance Benefits?

Should I Use My Insurance Benefits? You pay a lot for your insurance coverage, so why wouldn’t you want to use them for mental health treatment? There are several things to consider before you use insurance benefits:  Using your insurance benefits requires communication between your provider and insurance company. This includes access to any notes […]

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Welcome to Talking Twenties

Welcome to Talking Twenties The transition from your teenage years into early adulthood is unlike any other time in your life. For most of us, our twenties are when we first get a taste of true independence. We will experience fresh starts, new jobs, exciting relationships, and the formation of our adult identities. These experiences, […]

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